Due to the recent health and safety concerns regarding the COVID-19, this event has been postponed until further notice. This situation is rapidly evolving on Long Island and as a staff, we have been closely monitoring the situation, speaking with informed and educated people, and prayerfully considering what actions to take to keep our congregation healthy and safe. 


At this time, the CDC is cautioning faith-based organizations to postpone/cancel large gatherings. In addition, they are recommending implementation of social distancing measures.


We stand firm on Paul’s words in Philippians 4, “Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” 


However, with that being said, we feel it is best to postpone this event until a later date. We are keeping record of your registration and all funds will be honored on the new date. 


We will keep you updated as we continue to plan and prepare for this event at a later date. 

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In a world saturated with unrealistic expectations, have you felt the pressure to fit the "cookie cutter" role of a woman? If you have, you're not alone! Join us as we learn to discover the freedom we can find when we live with #nofilter.

We're choosing purpose over perfection, & we hope that you will too! 

SATURDAY // MARCH 14 // 9AM-3:30PM

*Doors open at 8:15AM




Childcare will be available for ages 5 - 12 for an additional fee

Bethlehem Assembly of God, 12 E Fairview Ave, Valley Stream, NY 11580, USA


8:15AM | Registration

9AM | Morning Session

10AM | Workshop #1

10:50AM | Workshop #2

11:55AM | Lunch

1PM | Panel Discussion

2PM | Afternoon Session

3:30PM | Time to begin your next chapter

Women's Conference 2020-registration  gr
Women's Conference 2020-registration  gr

Pastor Ebony S. Small is a dynamic woman of faith, impassioned by her strong conviction in Christ alone. She is Vice President of multiplication at PULSE Movement, a ministry committed to awaken culture to the reality of Jesus. Pastor Ebony's passion is to be positioned by God in bringing forth the transformative power of the Gospel to the lives of people through mentoring, leadership training and ultimately high-level collaborative partnerships which impact cities and the globe for the cause of Christ. She was ordained in 2013 and currently serves as an associate pastor at Bethel Gospel Assembly, Inc. (BGA) in Harlem (New York City) under the leadership of Bishop Carlton T. Brown. She is the author of the The Leader in You: Discovering Your Unexpected Path to Influence.


Why comparison will steal your joy and how you can build a community to encourage instead of compete. So often we find ourselves competing with others. Whether it be scrolling through Instagram wishing you had a beautiful house like your friend who seems to have it all together, or hearing some exciting news from a friend but not sure how to react because you’re waiting for your turn. Finding a community that chooses to build each other up instead of tearing each other down is crucial to helping you thrive in your God-given purpose. Stop comparing with others, and accept yourself for who you are - discover how God can use you when you decide to live life with your tribe, rather than hiding the things in your life that you’re not so proud about. 

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Women's Conference 2020 Journal-38.png

Seeing yourself the way God sees you. Your identity comes from Christ and who He says you are. We are constantly bombarded with products, ideas, and ads that tell us how to better ourselves. How to lose that weight, get rid of that imperfection, dress better, and the list goes on. We can get sucked into finding our identity in the things that other people have determined should be our identity. But what happens when we choose to disregard these unrealistic expectations and we choose to see our imperfections as our God-given identity, which makes us unique? 


You will have the opportunity to attend two workshops during this conference. 

13-17 year olds will have a workshop designed specifically for them & don't need to select one.

Women's Conference 2020-registration  gr

Understanding the importance of self care and the various forms in which we need to take care of ourselves. Feeling burnt out and exhausted from life’s many demands? This workshop will help you understand that self care is more than just a manicure every few weeks, but rather taking care of your WHOLE self: Body, Mind & Spirit. Most often we rely on our next facial and manicure to help us get back to feeling ourself again, only to be left feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and ready for another self care day. Our desire is to help you find ways to take care of your whole health on a daily basis, so that you cannot only survive, but thrive!

Women's Conference 2020-registration  gr

How understanding the type of person God made you to be can help you celebrate the Gospel more. We often hear people say, "I'm this type of person" or "I'm not the type of person who does that." In this workshop, you'll learn how to use the enneagram to help you see the value in the strengths and weaknesses of the person God has designed you as. You'll learn just how personal the Gospel can be, what message Jesus is longing for you to understand about Him, and how that connects to your purpose. Jesus is the perfect type of person. Learn how to find His beauty in you.

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How to find purpose in the not yets and be stills. Are you feeling like you’ve been in a constant waiting period, hoping that God will make all your dreams come true? Often times we get caught in the idea of what could be, that we miss the right now. In this workshop, you’ll learn that you’re not alone in this feeling, but that God can use you in your current situation. There is a purpose in every season of your life, and every season makes you stronger for the next!

Women's Conference 2020-registration  gr

We believe in our youth & the potential that you have! Shauniqua Coty is passionate about seeing young ladies reach their full potential in Jesus. She has spent her ministry career serving and walking alongside many of them.You will get to experience two different workshops designed just for you with other girls your age in a space where you can learn & discover the purpose God has for you & how to live it out in your daily life. 

Women's Conference 2020-registration  gr

If you feel led to donate, your donation will be used to sponsor a woman or teen who would not otherwise be able to attend and/or to help us create an engaging, life changing experience. Thank you for donating!