We embrace the Great Commission by supporting 95 missionaries and organizations around the world with financial and practical support via Short Term Missions Trips.


Timothy & Deborah Anderson (Ecuador)

Dale & Patty Coad (Dominican Republic)

Nelson De Freitas & Family (Dominican Republic)

David Ditrolio & Family (Paraguay)

Rocco Ditrolio & Family (Argentina)

Paul & Lana Duda (Equador)

Stephen & Terry Ford (Peru)

Steve & Jill McCarthy (Uruguay)

Leslie Latona (Colombia)

Brian Correia (Colombia)

Liz Ramos (Belize)

Terry Rosch & Family (Panama)

Richard Conti & Family (Guatamala)

David Greco & Family (Mexico)

Richard & Jennifer DeMartino (Mexico)

Dale & Patty Coad (Caribbean) 

Noah Lane



Mike Bartel & Family (United States)

Matthew Herman & Family (United States)

Highlands Child Placement (United States)

Paul Kraus (United States)

Joseph Lear & Family (United States)

Brockton Teen Challenge (United States)

Garrison Teen Challenge

West Babylon Teen Challenge

Steve Kulish & Family

Bob Durham (Prison Ministry)

Ray Gannon (Jewish Ministry)

Felix Halperin (Jewish Ministry)

Samuel Asiedu (United States)

John Battaghia (United States)

John Ginnan (Youth Alive)

Global University (Prison)

Edgar Reed (United States)

Craig Richey (Chi Alpha)

Joseph Sedulo (Chi Alpha)

Judy Mensch (Netherlands)
Robert & Lynn Rose (Italy)

Mike & Tina Hook (Scotland)

Al & Emanuela Perna (Germany)

Don Raught & Family (Netherlands)

Raegan Glugosh (Romania)
Chris & Rebecca Green (Netherlands)

Gilbert Rodriguez & Family (Spain)

Becky Nichols (Romania)



Philip Malcom (Togo)

Nancy & Archie McGlawn (Zambia)
Patrick Collins & Family (Rwanda)

Edgar Reed & Family (The Gambia)

Daniel & Candace Saglimbeni (Rwanda)

Bernie & Brenda Smith (Togo)

Zack Wable


Deanna Richardson (Thailand)
Shelley Carl (Japan)

Michael Chase & Family (Taiwan)

Soloman Wang

Andreas Hastings

Anna Calsolaro

The Fuentes Family

Stephen Grach

Ray Husinger

Brandon & Samantha Leighty

The Miller Family

Tina Richter

Ethan & Leah White


Long Island Youth Mentoring

Global Renewal

The Relief Bus


Teen Challenge

Convoy of Hope

Citi Vision

Church Multiplication Network

Prison Fellowship

Compassion Link

Focus on the family

Europe’s Children

Africa’s Hope

Jacob’s Hope

Asia’s Little Ones

Sender’s Fund

Samaritan’s Purse


FREE International

Sarah’s Heart

North Carolina Boy’s Academy

Illuminations Bible Translation

One Hope

Soundview Pregnancy Center

Lead NYC

Hope Day Network