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Due to the recent health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19, our 2020 Women's Conference was canceled in March. However, we know just how important it is to stay connected, and we didn't want this year to pass without taking the opportunity to gather and be inspired by some amazing leaders. Although we can't gather in person, we have designed a virtual event just for you! 



Have you ever wondered why you've experienced certain things? Have life circumstances left you feeling alone, anxious, or discouraged? Stronger Women's Conference is a virtual event designed just for you! We know that life isn't easy, but we also know that we are always stronger because of it!



This event is FREE

Worship · Prayer · Reflection · Giveaway 

+ a special conversation with Pastor Steve Milazzo's wife, Lisa Milazzo

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Our Lead Pastor Steve Milazzo's wife, Lisa Milazzo, has an incredible story of hope and faith through life difficulties and unchanging circumstances. She has faced so many hardships, but is stronger today because of them all. Through her life, so many have been impacted already, and we know that you will feel inspired and uplifted from hearing her beautiful story! 


We encourage you to watch with others! Here's some options:

1. Host a (safe) Watch Party 

     · Invite your One Group or some friends! 

     · Download your "Watch Party Kit" to prep

     · Grab some snacks

     · Set up your room for optimal viewing

     · Wear your masks and maintain social distancing throughout your Watch Party

     · Enjoy! 


2. Host a Virtual Watch Party 

     · Invite your One Group or some friends! 

     · Set up a Zoom meeting for October 17 at 6:45PM (Leave some time for all to join and to greet each other).

     · Download your "Watch Party Kit" to prep

     · Grab some snacks

     · Screenshare the event from Facebook or YouTube

     · Enjoy! 

Find out more details about hosting a safe watch party here!

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Due to COVID-19, we are offering limited items for Shipping and now Pickup.

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